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Large Format Printing Pricing and Sizing

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Posters Add for Mounting
Standard Sizes Paper Only Gloss Laminate Matte Laminate Crystal Laminate Foamcore Display board
22" x 28" $37 $48 $53 $71 $15 $30
24" x 36" $47 $60 $67 $87 $21 $42
30" x 40" $60 $78 $87 $108 $29 $58
36" x 48" $81 $105 $117 $142 $42 $84
  • Quantity large format printing pricing is available, please call! These are single piece prices.
  • Crystal laminate is our premium trade show laminate, and gives bright colors with maximum glare reduction. Matte laminate works where nominal glare reduction will suffice. Gloss laminate gives the "wet" look of a glossy photograph.
  • We recommend display board when the prints are expected to last, it is similar to foamcore board except much tougher. Use foamcore for event signs that you'll use only once, or where you can be very careful with them.
  • Special sizes are available up to 60" wide and unlimited length.
  • Maximum width for laminated prints is 56". Max width for Crystal Laminate is 48".
  • We can mount on foamcore, display board, and sintra up to 42" by 66", and we can direct print on 4x8' sheets. Shipping of flat pieces larger than 36x48 can result in large Fedex charges, and we suggest you call if you need them.
Sizes Vinyl Banners Paper & Laminated Paper Banners
  Gloss Matte Paper Only Gloss Laminate Matte Laminate Crystal Laminate
36x72 $97 $97 $119 $148 $154 $223
36x96 $130 $130 $154 $192 $198 $291
48x72 $130 $130 $179 $269 $269 $348
48x96 $173 $173 $239 $359 $359 $464
  • Outdoor vinyl is 720 dpi, 13 oz nylon re-enforced vinyl with UV inks and hemmed edges for added strength with grommets every two feet. It comes in either matte or gloss finish. For indoor and trade show applications, we recommend matte vinyl.
  • Call for quantity large format printing pricing! These are single piece prices.

Pricing for Shipping and Handling

  • Usually about $20-35 for large format prints rolled in a tube sent 2nd day FedEx, $20-40 for foamcore and gatorboard shipments shipped flat between cardboard sheets. Shipping costs depend on package weight and your location, our order page will price it for you, or you can go to the Fedex site. We ship from zip code 03245.
  • Overnight shipments are about twice those amounts, ground will be less.
  • Fedex has oversize charges on shipments with girth plus width of over 130", which means it is expensive to ship mounted pieces larger than 36x48". Oversize pieces are also much more likely to be damaged. Fedex will not accept pieces with girth plus width of over 160".

Lead Time

For paper and laminated paper prints, we typically ship the next business day after you enter your order. We work Monday through Friday.

Call us if you are in a rush, we will do our best to meet your needs! We charge a 25% rush charge for orders that come in after noon that must ship that day.

Vinyl Banners ship the 2nd business day because they need to dry overnight.

Flatbed lead times are usually 2-4 business days.


Prices effective Jan 1, 2017 and subject to change without notice.